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October 15, 2018


A Regular board meeting was held on this date at 7:30 p.m. with the following members present: 

Mayor Taylor Sreca, Trustees, Joe D’Agostino, Todd Marris, Bryan Acee and Attorney Frances Blazer


Keith Schiebel updated the Board on Oneida County Budget eliminating Revenue Sharing money we receive from the County.


Robyn from the Library presented to the board with her ideas for the Village of Vernon Halloween Party to be held at the Village of Vernon Fire Department on October 27 at 6pm.


Motion was made by Bryan Acee to approve September meeting minutes. 4 ayes 0 nays


NYSDEC Rate Study pilot program is in the process of gathering data for the excel program. Once they have all the Villages data they will have another workshop to explain how to use the program.


North Street snowmobile trail – tabled


Discussed repairing water storm drains around the Village before winter.


Mayor had a meeting with the Town of Vernon regarding new water line in the Town. The Town wanted to know if the Village would be able to supply water for the proposed project.


Mayor talked with Ms. Yagoda regarding a dog park and updated the board.


Board asked Henry to get some quotes to replace Police Department roof.


Police contract still being negotiated.


Board members are going to set up new email accounts separate from their personal accounts.


Public comment changes: Public comment must pertain to an item on the agenda. Any other concerns need to be in letter form or email and will be addressed at next meeting if necessary.


Public Comment – no comment


Motion was made by Joe D’Agostino approve Clerks, DPW/Water/Sewer, Code and Police Reports.

4 ayes 0 nays


Motion was made by Bryan Acee to pay the bills. 4 ayes 0 nays


Motion was made by Todd Marris to adjourn. 4 ayes 0 nays

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