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2022 Annual Water Quality Report is available for you to review at www.oneidacity.com/waterreport.pdf


Text Box: Supplemental to City of Oneida Report – see City of Oneida Report for additional required reporting informationAnnual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2022

Villageof VernonWD

P.O. Box 1137, Vernon, NY 13476

(Public Water Supply ID#NY3202412)


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If you have any questions about this report or concerning your drinking water, please contact Harry Weismantle, Water Operator, 315-829-7877. We want you to be informed about your drinking water.  If you want to learn more, please attend any of our regularly scheduled village board meetings. The meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Village Hall on Ruth Street.


Where Does Our Water Come From?

The Village of Vernon purchases 100% of its water from the City of Oneida.  (See the City of Oneida Report for additional information on where our water comes from.)  The chlorine residual is boosted at our pump house on Route 5 by injection of a sodium hypochlorite solution prior to distribution to our customers. Any water not consumed by our customers is then stored in a 500,000-gallon concrete storage tank located off Churton Road.  Our water system serves a population of 1500 through 600 metered service connections.  

Are There Contaminants In Our Drinking Water?

In addition to the City of Oneida sample results (see attached City of Oneida report), the Village of Vernon routinely tests your drinking water for coliform bacteria, disinfection byproducts and disinfection residuals. The table presented below depicts which compounds were detected in your drinking water.


Table of Detected Contaminants (Vernon Village WD)


Is System in Violation?

Date of Sample

Level Detected

Average or Maximum





Regulatory Limit


Likely Source of Contamination

Disinfectants (See also City of Oneida AWQR)

Chlorine Residual


Daily / Monthly

0.56 (1) 

(range = 0.2 – 1.6)



MRDL = 4 (2)

Water additive used to control microbes.

Disinfection Byproducts (See also City of Oneida AWQR)

Haloacetic Acids (mono-, di-, and trichloroacetic acid, and mono- and dibromoacetic acid)



28 (3)

(range = 18.1 – 36)



MCL = 60

By-product of drinking water disinfection needed to kill harmful organisms.

Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs – chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane and bromoform)



53 (3)

(range = 16 – 90)



MCL = 80

By-product of drinking water chlorination needed to kill harmful organisms. TTHMs are formed when source water contains large amounts of organic matter.

See City of Oneida AWQR for additional sample information - Physical Parameters, Radioactive Contaminants, Inorganic Contaminants, Synthetic Organic Contaminants, Principal Organic Contaminants, Lead and Copper, and Definitions of terms.



1 - The levels presented represent the average and range of the levels reported on the monthly microbiological sampling reports.

2 - Value presented represents the Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level (MRDL) which is a level of disinfectant added for water treatment that may not be exceeded at the consumer’s tap without an unacceptable possibility of adverse health effects. MRDLs are currently not regulated but in the future they will be enforceable in the same manner as MCLs.

3 - These levels represent the Maximum Locational Running Annual Average and range of individual sample results from the samples submitted in compliance with the Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule.  Since these are only a part of the entire City of Oneida area sampling, please see City of Oneida Report for additional sampling and compliance information. 


What Does This Information Mean?

As you can see by the table, our system had no violations.  We have learned through our testing that some contaminants have been detected; however, these contaminants were detected below New York State requirements.


Is Our Water System Meeting Other Rules That Govern Operations?

Last year, our system was in general compliance with applicable State drinking water operating, monitoring and reporting requirements.



Please call our office if you have questions at 315-829-7877 or the Oneida County Health Department at 315-798-5064. 


See Attached City of Oneida Report for additional required reporting, sampling, treatment and water source information.


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