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May 5, 2016

Spring 2016
Dear Village of Vernon Residents,
The birds are chirping, the laughter of children who are playing outside, the fresh smell of mowed lawns and it still being daylight when you get home from work. These are all signs spring is back! Which only can mean one thing…. time for our spring newsletter!
Time for our annual reminders. When mowing your lawn, please keep grass clippings out of the streets as they clog up our storm sewers. Leave your brush on the curb or edge of your yard and separate it from the grass clippings. This keeps streets clear and makes our DPW’s job a lot easier and our Village looking great.
Watch your speed around the neighborhood, it’s 30 M.P.H. in the Village and 20 M.P.H.by the school. Warm weather brings kids out on bikes or playing ball and you need to watch out for them. All resident’s safety, starting, with the children, is my number one concern.
If you own a dog, the Village ordinance says, they must be leashed and cleaned up after they make a deposit on a neighbor’s lawn. Barking dogs will not be tolerated, remember your neighbor wants to be able to enjoy the nice weather and doesn’t want to listen to your dog.
Garbage gets picked up Thursday mornings, no cans out till after 4 P.M. on Wednesday and taken in by dark Thursday night. Old furniture such as chairs, mattresses, couches and tables will NOT be picked up, so don’t put it out to curb. Electronic devices such as TV’s or Computers will NOT be picked up. They are considered hazardous material and the D.P.W. isn’t certified to pick them up. Sorry to have to keep reminding everyone about the same old rules as previous letters, but these rules keep our village looking good.
Events we always look for are fast approaching, like opening day of Little League is Saturday May 7th. At 9 A.M. The parade starts down Peterboro St. by the school and finishes at the Village Park, with opening ceremonies. We have one of the best ball fields in the area that out of town ball teams rave about. Make sure you catch a game it’s a family fun night out.
American Legion hosts its annual Memorial Day Parade May 30th at 11 A.M. down Rte.5, down Verona St. and down Cooper St. to the Cemetery where they finish with a Veteran Memorial service.
On Saturday June 4th, back by popular demand is the annual Village wide garage sale day! Your junk may be someone else’s treasure. No permits required! Mark it down on your calendar.

Our ever popular Park Program will kick off on Tuesday July 5th at 9 A.M. till Noon at the Village Park. It will be held on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday thru August 12th.There will be a field trip and pizza party for those who attended all summer. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Jessica Planck for taking over the program her Grandmother started, and have it thrive the way it does.
The Village Board is looking into some other possible events to hold like a movie night where we would rent a large inflatable movie screen and have an old fashion drive inn at the park. We will get back to you on the details when we have them. Anyone out there has any other ideas they would like to see please come forward and let us know. We are always open to suggestions!
This year Ward Street will get paved. We decided last year that due to heavy machinery on the road, from the expansion of Hood we would put it off a year. I would also like to try to get something done to Violets Way. More sidewalks will be done as needed.
Some good and bad news to report. Good news is no tax increase or sewer rent increase. Thanks to hard work from your board and Karen our Village Clerk we were able to make some necessary cuts to keep them down. The one thing we couldn’t control is the price of water we purchase from the City of Oneida. They increased our price by 10% so we (the Village Board) had no other option but to raise the water rates 10%. That increase is for inside Village and outside Village users. This was a tough and painful decision that affects all of us.
Earlier this year, there was a terrible fire that destroyed a house and took the life of a little girl. As sad as this was I have to say how overwhelmed I was with this great communities’ compassion. The way people donated time and clothes and money almost immediately. It reminds me why I live here and have decided to serve the Village I love. I am so proud of all of you that helped and you have my deepest gratitude.
The Vernon Fire Department is always looking for new members. If you would like to join the BEST department in the area, come down on a Tuesday night and talk to them. Also if you happen to see any member of the department, thank them for their service. It’s the only pay they get and I know they deserve more. I am proud to say thanks for taking care of our Village.
I would like to welcome Wendy Hunt to the Village Board. Wendy was recently elected along with Todd Marris (for 2nd Term). Looking forward to working with both for 4 more years. Thanks to all of you who have given me 4 more years to finish what I have started.
Village meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 at the Village Hall and we encourage all to attend. Changes to dates are posted on our website www.villageofvernonny.com along with contact info and upcoming events.
Have a safe and Happy Summer,
Your Mayor Jerry Seymour Jr.

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