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Jun 9, 2018

Dear Village of Vernon Residents,
Spring has sprung, and the village once again has woke up from a long cold winter hibernation. What better way to wake up than to receive your village spring letter! I hope this letter finds all well and ready for summer. With the warm weather comes our annual warm weather rule reminders.
Spring brings kids out on bikes, playing ball, running, skipping and just being kids. Watch your speed around the neighborhood. It’s 30 M.P.H. in the Village and 20 M.P.H.by the school. Because the safety of our children is the villages #1priority, speed limits are strictly enforced.
While you mow your lawn, please keep grass clippings out of the streets as they clog up our storm sewers. Separate lawn clippings from brush and please leave on the curb or edge of your yard. Your D.P.W. is the best around, help them keep our village looking as great as they do.
If you own a dog, Vernon does have a leash law, so keep them tied up. Believe it or not, I have already had calls on this, if your dog uses someone else’s lawn to “do their business” you are responsible to clean it up. Be considerate of the neighbors and be sure to control your dogs barking.
Garbage pick-up is Thursday mornings. Garbage cans can be placed curbside after 4 P.M. on Wednesday and taken in by dark Thursday night. Our only changes in pick up will be the weeks of Memorial Day ,4th of July and Labor Day and then its Friday that week. Old furniture such as chairs, mattresses, couches and tables will NOT be picked up, so don’t put it out to curb. Electronic devices such as TV’s or Computers will NOT be picked up as well. They are considered hazardous material and the D.P.W. isn’t certified to pick them up. Not our rules but the N.Y.S. D.E.C. rules
Upcoming events! Our Annual Memorial Day Parade presented by the American Legion is Monday May 28th at 11 am. It will Start on Rte.5, proceed down Verona St. (Route 31) down Cooper St. and finish at the Cemetery where they will have a Veteran Memorial service. Join us in honoring those who served our great country
The popular Village Wide Garage sale weekend will start on Friday June 1nd through Sunday the 3th. The village will put ads in the local papers and posters around town. Your junk may be someone else’s treasure. No permits are required! Vernon fire department will also have a chicken barbecue on Saturday June 9th.So mark it down on your calendar.
Village of Vernon is going to have a village clean-up day on Saturday June 16th from 9 till 2. We will have some dumpsters for those hard to get rid of things that didn’t sell on garage sale weekend. A shredder company will be there if you have any things you need to shred. We will have more specifics on the web site when we finalize everything. We will be set up at the village park parking lot, so bring your unwanted treasures down! If we have a great turnout we would like to make this an annual event.
Karrie McRae will again do her magic with our park program (thanks Karrie) The Park Program will kick off on Tuesday July 10th at 9 A.M. until Noon at the Village Park. Special events will be held at the Vernon Public Library. It will be held on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday thru August 17th.
Ruth Street is the next street to get paved sometime this year. The D.P.W. is going to concentrate on replacing some storm sewers and a few more sidewalks based on need and funds.

I would like to take this time to welcome Taylor Sreca and Joe D’Agostino as our newest board members. I am looking forward to working with you both. A special thanks to Frank Emmerich and Chris Woodcock for their service the past 4 years. It was an honor and privilege to work with you and please don’t be strangers.

The Vernon Village Board has changed our meetings to the 2nd Monday of the month at 730 p.m. Please come and share your ideas, concerns or questions. We can’t answer questions or solve problems if we don’t know what they are. Dates of meetings and other events are posted on our event calendar on our website at www.villageofvernonny.org.
This year we were able to give a small cut to Village property tax, thanks to the hard work of our board and Karen Rizzo, our village clerk. We can’t promise this every year as we are constantly threatened by sales tax loss, state aid and Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) money reduced or cut. Sewer rates will also remain unchanged, but we had to increase water rates by 3%.

I can never say this enough, and hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but thank you to the best Fire Dept. anywhere around. I am proud to have them protect the village. I can’t tell you how much you are appreciated for the job you do. If you happen to run into one of these volunteers on the street thank them for their service. The Vernon Fire Department is always looking for new members. If you would like to join the BEST department in the area, go to the fire department on any Tuesday night and talk to them.
I hope you all have a safe and happy fun filled summer
Your Mayor
Jerry Seymour

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